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We Have Moved!

Thank you for visiting, however I have moved my blog to:

Here are just a few reasons why I moved:

1. I may one day abandon shaw

2. I can't moderate the comment section, which lead to some spam message

3. Limiting HTML editing


Just want to say thanks to all my readers and supporter, I hope you will all enjoy my new blog. :)

Ramen - disappointed, but maybe it's just me

G-Men Ramen

#1101-3778 Sexsmith Road, Richmond

G-Men Ramen on Urbanspoon

Food: 2

Service: 3.5

Price: Fair

It seems everyone that tried G-Men ramen had liked it. When we went their on a Sat at around 12:30, a small lineup was already formed at the door. So it seems like a good idea to try, cause when I see lineup, I assume it's good. (never assume)

Although the menu taped to the windows showed a good selection of ramens (including the pork bone broth variety), but the menu we got only had 2 kinds of soupy type on it. It was either the special ToriGara Shoyu ramen or the Shio ramen. So what's this special Torigara, it's a light "Torigara" chicken soup  seasoned with either salt or soy sauce. Since it was cold, and only 2 kinds of soupy ramen were available, we ordered one of each.

We also ordered the Takoyaki to share. This came out first and relatively fast. First impression was it looks okay, nothing out of the ordinary, then we proceed to eat it, that's when the "bad" hit us. The takoyaki was not hot, in fact it was lukewarm. The skin was not crispy (in fact a bit soggy). The inside was not gooey, but kinda spongy. In fact, this tasted a lot like store bought takoyaki that was not well heated from the microwave. At first I thought that the price of $3.50 for 4 pieces was fair, but now I think it's over priced.

Next came the ramen, this would be the shio ramen. I didn't mind the egg, and BBQ pork, they were good but not spectacular. However the soup was overly salty. Yes I know ramen soup is suppose to be salty, and plus this one is the shio ramen, but this one was overly salty. The soup was rather bland as well, all I can taste was the salt. Also the ramen tasted store bought.

The same can be said about my shoyu ramen, since the broth is very light, all I can taste was the soy sauce, hence also very salty. As you may notice, the above 2 ramens both have the exact same topping, which I find lacks the personal touch of distinction.

With the experience I had, I don't know if I want to come back. However it seems like everyone else had good food, so maybe it's just this one time. Anyways, I think I will stick with having ramen in downtown, where I know the quality and taste will remain constant.

Cold weather = time to eat HOT food


6462 Kingsway #105 (Burnaby),1788 W Broadway (Van), 1123-3779 Sexsmith Rd (Richmond)

Posh (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon

Food: 4

Service: 3

Price: Cheap for lunch, fair for dinner

Once again, the annul non-stop rain season has arrived in Vancouver. Since it's inevitable, we will just have to find ways to deal with it. Other than bundling up in warm clothing or suiting up in rain gear, one of the best way is simply to consume pipping hot food. Hot Pot is definitely on my list for this fall/winter season.

I been to Posh numerous time already and I've also visited all their locations as well. However the picture in this particular post is taken at their Burnaby location

Posh does not have any complimentary drinks other than water, so we had to order our tea. Each tea bag cost $2.00 (I think), which I find quite expensive, if you opt for one of their special tea, it can cost up to $4.50. The tea were just average, like the ones you can pick up at any supermarket.

I think value wise Posh is very cheap during lunch ($11.88) compare to a lot of other AYCE hot pot, but keep in mind they only have 2 kinds of meat, and one kind of fish. So the selection is definitely limited. Here are our order of the beef(bottom) and pork(top). The quality of the meat is good, it's sliced super thin so that it can cook really fast and so the meat can absorb the flavor of the soup easily.

We ordered 2 rounds of vegetables and other items, such as rice cake, ramen, vermicelli and fish tofu. Although they don't have a many choices for meat, but they do have a large selections of vegetables, including mushroom, taro, yam, various leafy green etc. They also now feature some kind of fish slice on the menu, but it was horrible, the fish meat was grainy and tough. On the other hand, their fish tofu was really good. It seems hand made, with a strong peppery taste.

Personally I really like Posh sukiyaki soup base. Since the soup base is quite salty, you really don't need any dip. All the food that is cooked in this base is well flavored and delicious.

Overall I would recommend Posh, because for one I like their soup base which makes all the food cooked with it taste pretty good. Secondly, for a AYCE, they have pretty good pricing ($11.88 for lunch, $15.88 for dinner). Plus it's cold and wet these days, so it presents the perfect opportunity to go out and eat something hot and tasty.

Posh (Kitsilano) on UrbanspoonPosh (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

Top Shanghai Restaurant - Is It?

Top Shanghai Cuisine

8100 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond

Top Shanghai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Food: 3.5

Service: 2.5 for this time only (they weren't busy)

Price: Fair

One of our family friend had a long layover at YVR, so we went to meet up with her for lunch. Since it's Richmond, so there are tons of restaurants to choose from. We first decided upon Delicious Cuisine, unfortunately they close on Tue. Since we didn't want to venture too far, as we still had to get back to YVR shortly, so we decided on Top Shanghai Cuisine which was close by. However the traffic on No. 3 was HORRIBLE, due to construction near Lansdowne, the road was closed to one lane on each side. Traveling that 3 blocks cost us a whole 15 min.

Thank God it was Tuesday, or else trying to get a table without reservation would have been like finding a needle in the haystack. One time, we were told the wait would be over an hour long. We were glad the restaurant was not packed, as we wanted them to rush our order since one of us had a plane to catch.

Our guest was just got off a 10 hr plane ride, so she wanted something light. First up is the century egg with pork congee. It was alright, not too salty or watery, but I like my congee to be very well cooked/viscous. The portion was pretty big for only $5.50. The 3 of us all had 2nd, and still there were more congee left.

Our guest also wanted some nice crisp vegetable, so I ordered a plain plate of blanch Chinese leafy green. Although this may be a plain dish, but it was very well done. The vegetable was cooked but crunchy, and infused with a light hoisin taste. We all loved this dish despite its simplicity. This was around $6, and it was a pretty big plate.

Next up, we ordered the Shanghai styled rice cake. Despite the use of dark soy sauce, hence the color, it wasn't all that flavorful, all I can taste is the the soy sauce.  Although this was only $6.88 for a pretty big portion, but I would skip it the next time around.

I did the rest of the ordering, so I definitely couldn't pass up the oppertunity to order their Xiao Long Bao, as I remember them having one of best ones around. You get 6 for only $4.50, definitely a very good deal. Their xiao long bao are usually very soupy and flavorful, and the skin is pretty thin as well. They are the only ones (as far as I know) that use diakon as base when steaming. By using diakon, you do not need to pry the buns off the base (most places uses paper) before consuming, thus preventing the chance of ripping the skin. However, that day the xiao long bao was a bit disappointing, they didn't have enough soup inside, plus of them actually had a hole on the side, so that one had no soup at all. I guess we just got the bad batch of the day, because from the numerous time I've been there, I know they can do better.

Lastly, I ordered Sui Mai. This is different from the typical canton style dim sum where it's stuffed with pork and shrimp, this is stuffed with sticky rice and pork. I personally prefer these, because they taste better. The rice is flavored, and the pork in the middle is also marinated. This was $4.50 for 6, which I think is a pretty good deal, as I know it's not easy to make them.

Food came pretty fast, but as I already mentioned they weren't busy. Service is the minimum, but it's already better than what I previously experienced. The one piece of advice I can give is: definitely make reservation if you plan to go on the weekend.

Overall, the food here is pretty delicious most of the time. So in the end, I would revisit, despite the lack of service or lack of space. Although, there are tons of other Shanghai restaurant to be explored, thus I think I will try some other ones before coming back again.

Decent Family Restaurant

Malaysian Hut Restaurant

14727 108 Ave, Surrey

Malaysian Hut Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Food: 3

Service: 3.5

Price: Relatively cheap, but it is a small family owned restaurant

It's been raining almost non-stop for about 2 weeks now, thus there is a lack of motivation to venture out of my comfort zone. So after quick search on Dinehere/Urbanspoon, I soon realized their are several restaurants that are close to home and seems to be worthy of a visit. It was either Japanese, Thai or Malaysian, since we haven't had Malaysian for awhile, that's where we decided to go.

The restaurant is very small, and immediately you know it is family owned, because the servers were also doing homework at the next table. The ambiance does have a nice cozy feel to it, and our server was very personable.

First up, we ordered a roti to share. I am impressed, their roti was crispy/flaky on the outside, but still soft in the middle. It was also very aromatic. The curry dip was also very good, it was slightly spicy, but simply delicious. Therefore I think this is a very worthy dish for only $3.50, plus you get 2 pieces. (most places charges about $5 for 2 pieces)

We also decided to get a 2nd appetizer, since I wanted something with the sambal sauce. This one is called Sambal egg, and it's $4. Basically it's just hard boil egg but fried with sambal sauce with some small fried fish. Although the sambal sauce was good, but I did not like the fish part. Therefore I won't be ordering this again.

Next up is the Curry Assam Laksa ($7.50). Although it certainly looked appetizing, sadly it wasn't. It was very light tasting, even though it's a curry based laksa. I don't know what this suppose to taste like, as I am not Malaysian, but it does have a detectable traditional Chinese medicine taste in the soup. Because of the rather strong Chinese medicine taste which I detest, I won't be ordering this again.

Lastly, we ordered the Meehoon Goreng which is a stir fried rice vermicelli with dried shrimp, egg, BBQ pork, shrimp and bean sprout. The Meehoon Goreng was slightly spicy and the vermicelli was moist. The only thing I didn't like was the dried shrimp, but that's just a personal preference. This dish was $8, and you get a good portion for the price.

Overall, we were generally satisfied, as you got to keep in mind this is Surrey we are talking about here. It's hard to find a decent Malaysian restaurant. So in the end, we will definitely come back for more, as it is close to where I live and the food is decent. But if you don't live in the area, I don't know if it's worth the drive.