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My NEW Favorite!!

Kreation Artisan Cake

3357 Cambie St, Vancouver

Kreation Artisan Cake on Urbanspoon

Food: 5

Price: Fair for the quality

I always wanted to check out Kreation Artisan Cake, but the last time I was there, it was closed. They close at 7pm on weekdays and 9pm on Fri. and Sat., so if you want to try, you got to go early. First off all, finding the general area was easy (between 17th and 18th Ave), but spotting this place while driving was not. They do not have a obvious or big sign. So your best bet would be park the car and then try to find it, that's what we did anyways. 

 This would be what greets us once inside. They have a generous display of available desserts, all nicely presented. Choosing one was not a easy task, so we ended up choosing 2. For me personally, it came down to either Green Tea Chestnut or Raspberry Passionfruit. In the end I chose the Raspberry passionfruit.


On the left we have the Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse, and the right would be my Raspberry Passionfruit cake. The Early Grey Chocolate Mousse was make with dark chocolate, as you can taste the bitterness, but there was also a strong Earl Grey aroma and taste. There are several layers to this cake, one of them is the chocolate mousse, and then there was a cake layer (looks like banana cake) on the bottom. In the middle was something else that I can't put my finger on. It was soft and creamy, and taste somewhat like a special nut butter. It was very unique combination that I have never tried else where, thus I really enjoyed it. This was $5.50.


This would be my choice, it was absolutely heavenly delicious. It is described as "raspberry and passionfruit cream between layers of light, coconut sponge soaked with passionfruit liquer." The fruit cream layers were the perfect sweetness and tasted fresh. From what I can see there also seem to be a custard cream layer above the raspberry and a whip cream layer on top of the last sponge cake layer. After counting, there seem to be a total of 7 layers (include outer shell) in this dessert and they all compliment each other very well. The most outer shell seem to be a white chocolate ganache that just melt in your mouth. This one was also $5.50, well worth the money if you ask me.


This place was small with only a few places to sit, so I guess it's more for take out or ordering their impressive collection of cakes. They posted all the cakes they have created in the past on the wall, so it's like a catalog wall. There were some traditional wedding/birthday cakes, and then they were some other funny/funky cakes, like the standing spongebob cake or the Mac Apple cake.

I certainly loved the desserts at Kreation, it has now been added to my favorite list. So how does this place compare to Ganache (already blog here). Well, they are both good, with impressive presentation, taste and freshness. So who wins, I think I would have to go with Kreation, for 2 reasons, first it's closer to me than going all the way to yaletown and second, it's cheaper for the same quality.

All I can say is, I will definitely be back to try their other desserts, as they all look so good.


  1. ell wrote:
    Apr 23, 2009 at 6:27 PM
    gotta try it someday
  2. tia wrote:
    Jan 31, 2010 at 11:32 PM
    looks good!!!

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