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Random Snacking Recommendation Part 2

Wo Fung Dessert

Aberdeen Center food court

Wo Fung Dessert on Urbanspoon

This is a highly recommend item that is a must try if you are in the area. Most people probably already heard of or have tried this place.

This have the BEST chicken wings. I know I have said the Phnom Penh on East Georgia has the best wings, but I must say these two places are neck to neck with each other. These chicken wings are more juicy and moist compare to the pho place, but their flavor is not as strong. However this has more of a Chinese taste due to the usage of ginger. It's not the cheapest wings, but worth every penny. It's 3 for $3.50, 6 for $6.50 or 12 for $12.50. They also have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. They are all light tasting without the loaded sugar. This one is a apple tea with a slight apple flavor. Because of its light taste, it complements the crispy and oily chicken wings perfectly. The drinks are only $1.75.

I would highly recommend trying this place, they always have a line up, so be prepared to wait for at least 10-15 min.


Marble Slab Creamery

Located all over lower mainland

Marble Slab Creamery on Urbanspoon

First time I saw this type of ice cream shop was in Vegas, so what's so special? Well, first you choose a flavor of ice cream, and then you choose what you want the ice cream to be mixed with. And then they mixed the topping and the ice cream together using a spatula in a stir fry sorta way.

They only have a limited selection of ice cream, but at least 20 different toppings that you can choose to mix in with your ice cream. They have everything from candy to fresh fruit. They also have various types of nuts as well.

Here you see the server hard at work mixing my mango ice cream with strawberry topping.

So here is the final result after mixing: one fresh strawberry with mango ice cream and one fresh blueberry with dark chocolate ice cream. It seems after mixing, the ice cream becomes more creamy and sticky. It was very good. The chocolate one was quite special, because you can certainly taste the dark chocolate with the occasional blueberries busting in your mouth. From posters on the walls, we learned that they find the finest ingredient from all around the world to use as toppings, but the ice cream is locally made. Each cone was $5+ ish, however this is only 1 scoop with 1 topping. But each scoop is huge. It certainly is worth trying if you are craving sweets.


  1. Karan wrote:
    Jan 6, 2009 at 8:28 PM
    Hey, Im dropping by to say hi : )..altho leaving a note on a previous post. I actually didn't catch ur entry on Marble Slab! The chocolate one looks qutie yummy hehe ..sth i definitely wanna try this summer!way too cold now;) will let u know then for sure! keep up the great work with ur's very enjoyable to read!
  2. Matt wrote:
    Jul 12, 2011 at 12:01 AM
    Does this means that this chicken can be the best fried chicken in town, aside from normal flavor are there spicy chicken wings?

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  3. jessa wrote:
    Jul 21, 2011 at 1:28 AM
    The dessert is awesome one fresh strawberry with mango ice cream and one fresh blueberry with dark chocolate ice cream. combination of different flavor this is mouth watering.
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